Robert Kovsky, born 1946, Youngstown, Ohio. B.S.E.E., MIT, 1968; M.A. (Physics) U.C. Berkeley, 1971; J.D., U. C. Berkeley, 1974. Member, California State Bar.

As a graduate student, I investigated associative memory devices that later suggested novel approaches to legal research problems.

Law school revealed structures combining determinate and indeterminate features, especially legal rules that incorporate ambiguous terms calling for discretionary (free) decisions by judges and juries.

A belief in fundamental unity led me to a philosophy of structure. Jean Piaget is the teacher who made the greatest single impression. His writings always delight with wisdom and beauty; and his integrity and accomplishments are incomparable.

I owe everything to my parents, Carolyn Loewit Kovsky and Albert Kovsky. Their constant love and support made it possible for me to enjoy a life of freedom. May these pages honor their memories.

"...I went hunting wild
after the wildest beauty in the world..."
Wilfred Owen, Strange Meeting

Robert Kovsky

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Robert Kovsky

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