About the Website


The navigation buttons are simple structural devices that co-ordinate disparate functions:
  1. concept, e.g."The water trail"
  2. action, e.g. "click on the water trail button"
  3. collecting and naming a group of links

Some examples of navigation buttons:

  1. top-down analysis of the website in terms of principal conceptual structures (water trail, ridge route and kwik tour), with links to minor conceptual structures (e.g., this page)
  2. activating the button returns the user to the top of the analysis
  3. identified with the entry page: every other page leads to the entry

  1. comprehensive index of pages
  2. (a) activating the button takes the user to the page
    (b) pagelist is: lite and tite, ubiquitously located at the end of each page, the fastest way to get to a known remote location
  3. identified with pagelist page; every other page leads to it

  1. "continue" -- marks a jump in the server file structure, but without effect on a linear conceptual sequence


Hyprlink -- the structure of the website -- here's a shortcut to Base Camp



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